Burial Of The Burnfeathers

by Maat Mons

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released March 29, 2016

Written and performed by Maat Mons
Recorded by Giovanni Pezzato and Davide Tantulli
Mixed and mastered by Davide Tantulli at CuStudio
Artwork by Fabio Mialich



all rights reserved


Maat Mons Treviso, Italy

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Track Name: Embrace The Void
There can be no kind of dualism,

as everything can be linked to the void:

from the void it comes from, and it shall return.

The void is the only greatest truth.
Track Name: Sajga
Would you really turn forty without having ever lived? at the foot of a dark path,

hope on what is hidden behind the altrostratus grows unceasingly.

The circular dance of the blind,

where impressive dead trees turn blood-red,

and washing me, the mist dyes the earth plainly.

The top in unattainable, Iím soaked with pain,

loved onesí fondness passes through me and doesnít last.

What has become of that child who dressed trees with their fallen leaves, in the winter?

Iím lying on the ground, exhausted, weak-willed.

A dim light approaches through the mist,

the scarlet reflections of the forest light up the face of the lantern maker that lays me on his shoulder.

Itís the heat of my brother.


27 years of inner conflict, dysphoria and suicidal planning hold my hand.
Track Name: Memento
No blade of air breaks down their spirals,

indelible signs of stellar collapses

that fracture the skies.

Highest quietness, as an eternal symphony, covers the noise of the night.

Condemned to silence

we let ourselves go again,

like feathers in a windless skies.

They fall colored by the purple storm.
Track Name: Gendo Ikari
Swarming like flies we struggle through our whole life

and even if they say

our lives are meaningful,

where is this meaning?

how could there be a meaning,

something superior

we all should be aiming for,

if we still grasp ourselves

to our single tragedies?

all of our actions isn't important.

they say 'every action is meaningful',

but how could it be,

when all of our life is driven by inner feelings:

sorrow, love, hatred.

we need to elevate ourselves,

to let whole humankind evolve,

and really grow as a single species.
Track Name: Utopia Sprawl
A dichotomous society, straightly divided between who possess and who exist

slaves of the trend soil the involution's mirrors

a flow fouled up with vulgar selfishness

stand against the principles of equality and solidarity

the reign of profit and possession rules our distant lives,

and leaves them cold in front of a screen.

In the island of Utopia my heart harbore away from

the rapacity of a society

that's lost the essential value of human life.